What is our Due Diligence Database?

Every member has the ability to track their own Due Diligence Database for free when they register a membership with MyMI Wallet.

By purchasing our Advance Due Diligence Database, you will receive access to our MyMI Due Diligence Database which contains information and news pretaining to individual companies and cryptocurrencies currently in the market or will be accessible in the market in the near future.

Individual Due Diligence Database
Each Free Membership comes with an Individual Due Diligence Database to track every individual members DD that they submit.

Community Due Diligence Database
By purchasing the Advanced Due Diligence Database, you gain access to the MyMI Community Due Diligence Database, which is compiled of other member submitted information, as well as Certified Due Diligence Information provided directly by MyMI Wallet.

How the Due Diligence Database Work?

Once a members obtains important information that could assist in making better investment and trading decisions, they are able to submit that information to our Due Diligence Database. Once submitted, the information can be collected over time regarding individual stocks/cryptocurrencies or the overall market to provide an all-in-one place to access information quickly.

Our Certified Due Diligence Database is information that we provide and certify before releasing to the community. The notifications provide a Bearish or Bullish Sentiment Variable to assist in determining the effect of the catalyst on the individual company, stock, or cryptocurrency.

How to access our MyMI Due Diligence Database

In order to purchase access to MyMI Due Diligence Database, you will need to purchase MyMI Gold Coins and purchase the Premium Feature.

The current cost of Due Diligence Database:

Cost of Wallet(s) Total MyMI Gold Coins
$20/Month 20 MyMI Gold

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