Premium Wallets

Gain the ability to track individual wallets (brokerage or trading accounts) to acquire more precise gains/losses in your Financial Growth if you own multiple brokerage or trading accounts.

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Advanced Trade Tracker

Our Premium Trade Tracker allows you to track individual trades against each individual wallet that you have access to in MyMI Wallet. Gain the ability to track customized indicators to provide more detailed analytics for every trade.

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Advanced Charting Integrations

Access our Advanced Charting for your Premium Trade Tracker provided by TradingView to actively analysis trades as your tracking the trades you have or will conduct.

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Brokerage API Integrations

Access our Premium Brokerage API to automatically integrate your Investment and Trading Accounts, as well as automatically log every trade in each account.

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Due Diligence Database

Utilize our Certified Due Diligence Database to access our information and news regarding investment opportunities and catalyst for stocks and cryptocurrencies.

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