STEP 1: Puchase MyMI Coins

Looking to become an investor in Millennial Investments to profit from the growth of our platform? We are now allowing interested investors to own their stake of Millennial Investments by purchasing their shares of our MyMI Crypto Coin!

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What You'll Need To Get Started

Investing is quick and easy! You will simply need to complete the following steps:

  • Create Digibyte Wallet using the Digibyte Mobile App on your Mobile Device to receive your MyMI Coins.
  • Once you have created your wallet and obtained a DigiAsset Wallet ID, simply complete the form to begin your purchase
  • After submitting the form, you will be redirected to complete your payment for your purchase of MyMI Coins via PayPal.
    Please note: You will not need a PayPal Account to complete the transaction. PayPal allows Guest to use the selected payment method of your choice.
  • Once we have received your payment, we will send your MyMI Crypto to your Digibyte Mobile App.

What Do I Gain From My Investment?

As other investors continue to purchase their shares of MyMI Coins, your investment will continue to increase in value. We also will elect to commit 50% of our Monthly Membership Sales towards the MyMI Net Worth to assist in the exponential growth of value for the MyMI Coins you own.
The reason we will only commit 50% of the Monthly Membership Sales to the MyMI Network is due to the expenses required to continue to manage the platform. Investors will also have the ability to elect to utilize their own MyMI Coins to pay for their own monthly memberships.

Additional Methods To Acquire MyMI Coins:

Millennial Investments Members and Investors can also gain access to obtaining additional MyMI Coins by referring investors and traders to purchase a Monthly Membership.

  • Members/Investors will receive 50% of the total value for our Monthly Memberships in MyMI Coins per Membership they refer after the new members initial purchase of that membership.
  • Members/Investors will continue to receive 25% of the total value for Monthly Memberships for every subsequent month that a member continues to have their Active Membership.



Total Net Worth: $12,712.79
Qty. Available: 2,494,200
Cost Per Coin: $0.00055273
Min. Coins/Purchase: 9,046
Min. Purchase Amount: $5.00
Gas Fees: 0.00007457



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