What is MyMI Gold?

MyMI Gold is a cryptocurrency coin dedicated to gain access to our Premium Features offered at MyMI Wallet to assist in improving your Investment Accounting and determining your Total Financial Growth.

The MyMI Gold is based on the Digibyte Blockchain and currently has Coins available to purchase and use for our Premium Features. The price of MyMI Gold is currently determined by the Total Market Cap of the Coin which is then divided by the total coins remaining for purchase.

Once we reached the Maximum Amount of MyMI Gold Coins that are owned by Members of MyMI Wallet, we will release an additional 25% (82,500,000 Coins) of MyMI Gold to the network to allow for additional purchases of the coin to become available for newcomers to the MyMI Wallet Platform.

The current value of MyMI Gold is as follows:

Market Cap $70.97
Available Coins 323 Coins
Current Value $1.00000000/Coin

How to purchase MyMI Gold

To purchase your MyMI Gold, a wallet is required to receive the coins once they are purchased and pay for Premium Features within the MyMI Wallet Platform. If you do not have a wallet, you will be prompted to generate an address that will be designated to your Membership Account.

Once you have a MyMI Gold Wallet Address, you will then be able to purchase MyMI Gold via the Membership Dashboard and purchase access to Premium Features to get started.

How It Works

Once your purchase your MyMI Gold, you will receive your MyMI Gold in your MyMI Account to utilize within the App and access additional features. You will also be able to trade MyMI Gold with other Members on our MyMI Exchange.

Current MyMI Gold Packages

The current value of MyMI Gold is as follows:

$10 Bundle 10 MyMI Gold
$25 Bundle 25 MyMI Gold
$50 Bundle 50 MyMI Gold

How to use MyMI Gold

To use MyMI Gold, simply select the Premium Feature that you would like to purchase access to and your MyMI Gold will be sent to give you access for the allotted amount of time for each Premium Feature.

Our Premium Features

The Premium Features that we provide at MyMI Wallet include the following:

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