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Our Weekly Performance Trade Alert Report and what we've achieved so far! We aim for 10-20% per Trade and we are currently averaging -10% above our bottomline.


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Alert Features Include:

Unlimited Breakout Stock Alerts

We meticulously search the entire stock market looking for potential investment opportunities to optimize your return of investment with every position you hold. Our scanners sift through the markets, scanning 8000+ stocks in search of specific criteria which has proven to provide a minimum of 10-20% ROI per position. Our return on investment for our Investors and Members currently average 0%, providing a $0 return per $100 invested in our stock alerts.

Unlimited Weekly Option Alerts

Get the most bang for your buck with our Weekly Options alerts that we uncover using specific criteria that allows us to make directional option trades to increase our profit margins weekly. Whether it's Stocks or ETFs, our system monitors for High Liquidity and Volume-Traded Options that support directional movements with low-risk option trades to provide our members with the highest risk-to-profit option trades.

Weekly Watchlist

Gain access to an exclusive insider look of our Weekly Watchlist of stocks we expect to be big market movers as we go through weekly trading session. Stay ahead of the Markets with us by being in the know before a move even occurs to gain optimal exposure to all investment opportunities.

Top 10 Liquidity Stocks of the Day

One of the greatest rules we follow at Millennial Investments is "Follow the Money, Find the Momentum". With our Liquidity Stocks of the Day, discover where the most money is being traded throughout daily trading sessions to discover where to position your investments and allow your money to work harder for you.

Top 10 Morning Movers of the Day

Our Morning Movers focus on Top Performing Stocks that are not only performing within the Pre-Market Session, but have the potential momentum to continue running higher throughout the remaining training sessions.

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